Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Damage in Williamsburg, VA

This flood in Williamsburg, VA affected several levels in this building, Notice the extent of the water damage caused by storm water, on one level we had to do ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Williamsburg, VA

This flood in Williamsburg, VA was the result of a broken pipe, caused several rooms to be affected. SERVPRO sprung into action and assured the homeowner that w... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Colonial Heights, VA

This storm damage happened in Colonial Heights, VA, was result of water coming in onto the carpets in the front room, SERVPRO dried and cleaned the carpets afte... READ MORE

Mold Clean Up Williamsburg, VA

This commercial property in Williamsburg, VA high humidity in the room caused mold build up in the spa area, and other surfaces. SERVPRO remediated areas with m... READ MORE

Fire in Newport News, VA

This house fire in Newport News, VA, a fire on the exterior of the home, burned into the interior of the home. SERVPRO has experienced technicians that speciali... READ MORE

Fire in Williamsburg, VA

This fire occurred in the kitchen of a Williamsburg, VA home. A box was left on stove smoldering for 2 hours. Filled everything in the house with soot. SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage in Williamsburg, VA

This picture shows a locker room in Williamsburg, VA that was a result of a vandalism . The Fire caused extensive damage throughout the structure and was groun... READ MORE

Kitchen Cleaning in Richmond, VA

This kitchen pictured had gone years building up grease and junk on every surface. In one night our SERVPRO franchise went with the goal of completing a deep cl... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Mathews, VA

This customer in Mathews, VA suffered a fire from a roll of paper towels left on the stove. The fire smoldered for a bit, while depositing soot throughout the ... READ MORE

Whole House Mold Job in Kinsale, VA

We were called to a home that was left unattended for months. The homeowner’s hadn’t thought that during the several months the home sat empty, a pi... READ MORE