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Williamsburg Commercial Water Loss

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

A water incident can strike at your Williamsburg commercial property without notice at any time. The impact of such water damage can be devastating for any business owner, but our trained technicians at SERVPRO can be there fast to get to work as soon as possible. We handle each step of the water removal process through to drying and then disinfecting all affected areas. With one call, we can be there to start in so that your commercial space is “Like it never even happened.”

What Do I Need to Do?

Once you call us at SERVPRO, we send out a team quickly to begin the assessment. If you or your maintenance team can shut off the area to a burst pipe or put towels or blankets down with a flooding incident to keep water from migrating, do so. You can then contact your insurance agent to inform them of the event. We take care of detailing every step of the project to turn everything in for your insurance claim.

Water damage may occur at your Williamsburg place of business at any time. Some of the leading causes include:

•    Frozen or broken pipes
•    Storm floods
•    Natural disasters
•    Leaking roofs
•    Sewage backups, and more

Do you need help with water damage to your commercial property? SERVPRO of New Kent, Williamsburg, and Northern Neck is available 24/7 with crews on standby. Call 804-966-1400.

Thermal Energy System

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

The Thermal Energy System more commonly known as TES is a special drying technique our company offers. This system allows us to combine controlled heat with air flow to produce high-speed evaporation for the drying of major water damages. 

TES is not a drying method that is used for all of our everyday water damage as it does use high temperatures of heat. It is not ideal for all homeowners, as some would will continue living in their homes during the restoration process. 

Special Uses 

However we can use the Thermal Energy System to aid in the drying process in areas such as: 

  • Crawlspaces
  • Hardwood floors
  • Increasing the productivity of dehumidifiers
  • Supplement drying for hard to dry places

The TES system may raise concerns for you as a homeowner when we say high heat temperatures. Worry not, our Hero Ready Team has put safety switches in place. These help to keep the TES machine from reaching over a certain temperature or air flow rate which is set and control.

Construction Clean Up

3/20/2021 (Permalink)

If your business was just built or went through a renovation, who do you call to cleanup the mess that was left behind? It is so important for a business to open as quickly as possible after a major project or renovation. SERVPRO of New Kent, Williamsburg, and Poquoson is always here to help with any cleaning needs.

Along with out restoration and rebuild services, SERVPRO of New Kent, Williamsburg, and Poquoson provides customers post-construction cleanup services. Our professional, and highly-trained team will tackle everything and anything that needs addressing.

Cleanup includes:

  • Walls
  • Light fixures and Fans
  • All trimmings
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Doors
  • Air Ducts, Vents, Baseboard Heaters
  • Windows
  • Cabinetry
  • Any trash or plastic left behind
  • Counters

IF your property needs a thorough, post-contraction cleaning, call the trusted professionals at SERVPRO of New Kent, Williamsburg, and Northern Neck at 804-966-1400. We can handle any size, no matter how big or small!

No Job is Too Big!

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division is composed of our best of the best in restoration. Our elite large-loss specialists are prequalified and strategically positioned throughout the United States to handle any size disaster.

Every large loss is supervised by a commercial operations manager to help ensure seamless communication and timely mitigation.

At SERVPRO, the difference is our ability to dispatch trained production professionals and cut costs through the strategic placement and oversight of temporary labor. Get the professionals, call SERVPRO.

Clients for the Commercial Large Loss program include the following:

  • The Hospitality Industry
  • Property Managers
  • Universities
  • Municipalities
  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings

The SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team can provide help whether you're dealing with a tornado, hurricane, blizzard or flood. The SERVPRO System has a network of strategically positioned storm teams on standby should a disaster strike near you. Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, we are prepared for the unpredictable.

Should a storm or major event strike, call SERVPRO of New Kent, Williamsburg, and Northern Neck at 804-966-1400!

Catastrophic Storm and Major Event Response

Escape Planning

8/7/2019 (Permalink)

Although an emergency escape plan is not required for all businesses, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends building an emergency action plan to protect yourself, your employees, and your business during an emergency situation. OSHA suggests the following steps when developing such a plan.

Draw a map of each level of the building and show all doors and windows or use a blue print. Make sure all doors and windows that lead outside open easily.

Consider escape ladders for second and thirds levels. Only purchase collapsible escape ladders evaluated by a recognized testing laboratory.

Choose an outside meeting place a safe distance in front of building. Mark the meeting place on the escape plan map.

Plan for everyone in the building with special considerations for elderly or disabled individuals.

Practice your fire escape plan.

Organize an Emergency Preparedness Procedures review with employees to review your company emergency plans.

Different Restoration Tools

8/7/2019 (Permalink)

Would you know what the following do?

  • Moisture Sensor: used to detect moisture in carpets, baseboards, and walls

  • Moisture Meters: used to determine the actual moisture content of various materials. The moisture tester provides accurate readings, allowing us to monitor the drying process

  • Thermo hygrometers: measure temperature and relative humidity. When armed with this information, we can calculate and create an environment most conducive to drying. When facing a contaminated water loss, it is not only important to dry the structure, but the structure must also be disinfected and often deodorized.

  • Ultra Low-Volume Fogger: these will atomize liquid deodorizing agents, producing a fine mist that can easily penetrate the site where odor-causing residues may accumulate. This device can also be used to inject fungicides and disinfectants into wall cavities and other hard-to-reach areas.

  • Thermal Foggers: these dispense solvent-based products by creating a dense fog. The fog consists of tiny particles of deodorant solution that attach to and neutralize odor-causing particles.