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Garage Floor wet

Storm Damage in Saint Stephens Church, VA

This was part of the aftermath after a storm in Saint Stephens Church VA, the garage floor had standing water. Our professional team knew exactly what to do! The home owner was very pleased with how fast we got the job done.

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Drying equipment

Water Damage in Williamsburg, VA

This is just one level of the aftermath of water damage in Williamsburg, VA. This multiple level building had significant water damage. The customer was happy and relieved at how quickly our crew of technician's were able to get the rooms in the building dry. We make disasters like this look "Like it never even happened."

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water damage

Water Damage in Williamsburg, VA

This was the aftermath of a broken pipe in a house in Williamsburg, VA causing several levels and rooms of the house to become soaked with water. We had to bring in several pieces of equipment to get this house dry,  using the Velos  allowed us to dry the  larger areas  faster and more efficiently. The dehumidifier also helped us to remove any hard-to-access water or moisture. It is an essential tool that helps in preventing secondary water damage. Such damages includewarping and rotting of the floor, walls, and furniture. Flood water also interferes with the humidity levels of your home.

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Water on carpet

Storm Damage in Colonial Heights, VA

This was the aftermath of a storm in Colonial Heights, VA, when we arrived there was water soaking the carpets in the front room, The owner was very pleased that we worked quickly to dry and clean the carpets allowing his business to stay open. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

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Commercial Loss Williamsburg, VA

This local company had experienced an ongoing water loss. They were hesitant in starting mitigation because they feared substantial down time for their employees, and a loss of their customer base. They contacted SERVPRO of New Kent, Williamsburg & Northern Neck and within an hour they were on their way to recovery. SERVPRO of New Kent, Williamsburg & Northern Neck quickly mobilized our team of highly trained and experienced technicians to minimize their loss, and maximize their downtime.  SERVPRO of New Kent, Williamsburg & Northern Neck was able to expose the source of the loss, remove the visible mold growth in the building and start the drying process. For this customer our ability to work quickly, efficiently and after hours allowed them to stay in full time operation. 

Containment in a Warehouse

Containment in Williamsburg, VA

No matter the size of your loss we can help contain the disaster. At the job site shown here only half of the distribution center flood. So we had to build containment several stories high to contain the air during drying.

Electrical Fire in St. Stephens Church, VA

This is where the electrical fire originated in the living room. When our crews arrived on scene the same day as the loss there was significant smoke and soot damage throughout the whole house. The owner of this one story home could not believe how quickly and completely we were able to clean the soot from her walls and ceilings.

Servpro Team Members Addressing A Large Commercial Loss in a warehouse

Our Hero Ready Team

Our crews of trained technicians are ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a years to help you with your emergency loss. No matter the size or cause to make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage in New Kent, VA

When our technicians arrived on site it appeared as if the water damage was still on going, even though the home owner had the source of water turned off. Water was draining from the duct work in the basement after traveling all the way from the upper level loft, and thru the main level of the home.

Tornado Damage in Deltaville, VA

This was the aftermath of a tornado that hit what was a beautiful water front property. Once the house was secure for crews to work in we helped the homeowners put their home back together. "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Fire/Water Damage in Chester, VA

This is a printing lathe that makes labels for candy/gum that caught fire. The fire then caused the building's and lathe's internal sprinkler system to go off flooding almost the whole building.

Basement of Mold in Lanexa, VA

This was a basement where everytime it rained outside it would seep in thru the walls. Along with the problem of water leaking from outside, the homeowner's sump pump stopped working. This lead to an even bigger problem as the mold continued to engulf the basement.

Kitchen Fire in Williamsburg, VA

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Williamsburg. When we arrived on scene there was major smoke and soot damage that had spread throughout the whole home. This hallway was attached to the kitchen, our technician is using a 'chem sponge' to clean the soot off the wall. The name of the sponge may lead you to believe we are using chemicals however this process demonstrated is chemical free.

Electrical Fire in Williamsburg, VA

This was a second floor bathroom that was affected by an electrical fire, which originated on the first floor of the home. The soot and smoke traveled throughout the whole home blackening every room within the two story house. Our crews work tirelessly to put the homeowner's back in their house.

Water Damage in Williamsburg

The owner’s of the home pictured were first time home buyers and were in the process of moving in still. When they opened their front door they saw this, a pipe had burst on the second story.

Commercial Water Damage

This commercial water damage was caused by a faulty sprinkler system that went off in the middle of the night. The water spread throughout three floors of the commercial bank office.

HVAC system leak

We work very closely with the schools within our franchise area to make sure they are taken care of. Duct lines need to be cleaned along with floor waxing, window cleaning, building maintenance is a big part of our relationship with the county property managers. Pictured here we were called in do to our fair pricing and long relationship to take care of the HVAC leak which caused major water damage.

Soot damage in Poquoson, VA

When it comes to fire damage soot from is usually homeowners should not try to handle without a professional. Soot tends to be too heavy for general clean products, which leads to smearing. SERVPRO has specialized clean methods and chemicals for soot.

Stove Fire in Williamsburg, VA

This house fire was the result of a stove that caught fire and continued to spread throughout the whole house. Pictured here are the remains of the attic after everyone safely made it out of the home.

Basement Water damage Northern Neck, VA

This homeowner had a leak in basement ceiling unfortunately right over his pool table. Though SERVPRO was able to turn what almost was a flooded basement into a quick less than a week drying process due to our quick response time

Stove Fire in Pouoson, VA

The homeowners of this job site went to dinner and left a bag too close to the wood burning stove. When returning home they were greeted by the fire department which prevent the fire from spreading to the whole house.

Moldy Duct Work

This is a picture from a commercial loss building that was wondering why their employees felt sick. Mold was being pumped along with the air all throughout their building which in-turn their employees were breathing.

Electrical Fire in Essex, VA

Don't try to clean the soot off the walls yourself after a fire, let the professionals here at SERVPRO take care of you and your house so that it is put back together correctly

Water Damage in Gloucester, VA

This church had a water damage which continued to spread due to slow response time on the church’s end. Containment made the drying process more efficient allowing the church to open for service on Sunday

Commerical Water Damage

A sprinkler pipe burst over night and the property manager knew exactly who to call, SERVPRO! Within the hour crews were in the process of extracting water to make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Seen on the Floor of Wrap Plant

Water Damage in Wrap Plant

This building makes wraps that go on gum, candy bars, and other items. The property manager never dreamed that something like this could happen to them but lucky our marketer had visited him in the past. The property manager knew exactly who to call.

Bathroom over flow in New Kent, VA

This is an example of a water damage where the water was classified as clean that over flowed from the toilet. With a ‘clean’ water source we are able to safely dry the materials instead of removing the affected area

Commercial Church Water Damage

The water damage pictured almost affected this church greatly as it happened Friday night. Though our franchise was able to use an efficient drying process to make it so Sunday services were possible

Water Under Cabinet

Pipe leak in Yorktown, VA

Pictured here was the cause a water damage for our homeowners. The pipe under the sink had been leaking for a several days without the homeowner's knowledge. Once they discovered the leaking pipe in the bath room Google led them to our company for service

Tented Hardwood Floors

Here is an example of how we can save your hardwood floors after a water damage. We contain the air flow to a certain area above the floors to create great drying power

Carpet Drying

Floating carpet is another service we offer during water damages to our homeowners and insurance companies to help save as many of the original materials as possible which also allows the rebuild cost to go down in price


Our SERVPRO franchise was called into only extract water from this major pipe burst. Then once we explain how the drying process could save the carpet we were also contracted to perform the drying process.

Crawlspace Waste Cleanup

Pictured here is the only access hole our crews had to gain entry into the crawlspace through to remove sewage which had leaked out of a broken pipe throughout the whole length of the house.


Containment was needed throughout the house in order to remove sewage from the crawlspace which was cause by a broken pipe. The crews had access through a small hole in the bathroom and the sewage had to be taken out through the main living level

Generator Set up

Pictured here is one of our SERVPRO franchise’s generators being set up to power drying equipment. During a good amount of jobs there is either not enough or no electricity to power our drying equipment

Hot Water Heater Leak

This hot water heater had been leaking for a while, hits the mold growth, but it let loose one morning leaving the homeowner with a water damage and mold remediation job

Hurricane Katrina

When one of the largest hurricanes to every hit the United States of American (Katrina) was making land fall our franchise was mobilizing from Virginian to New Orleans. Pictured here are a few technicians in the middle was removing highly contaminated materials using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Hurricane Damage in New Orleans

This was what most every commercial properties looked like once hurricane Katrina was done with them. When our crews arrived in New Orleans they spent days surveying job sites to see what was working on.

Mold Growing After Hurricane Katrina

Even though our crews arrived shortly after the flood waters had receded from the New Orleans area, mold had already started to grow in many buildings. It doesn't matter if you think you've dried an area because you don't see water anymore. Unless you've treated the area for contaminates and checked it with a moisture meter mold is still a possibility.